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About Foundations

Now In Our 16th Year

No Seminar Program has Resulted in More Successful Entertainment Projects

Foundations Entertainment University is a comprehensive 3-day educational seminar program covering all aspects of market & financial feasibility, planning, design, financing, development, marketing and managing a location-based entertainment business for long term success.

Project types covered include family entertainment centers (FECs), bowling, laser tag, children’s entertainment and edutainment, play cafes, eatertainment, hybrid cinemas, trampoline parks, roller skating centers, small amusement parks and many others.

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Pre-Amusement Expo – Las Vegas Convention Center

Sunday, February 25 and Monday, February 26, 2018

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The Complete Blueprint for Success, Growth & Profit in the Entertainment Industry

2018 Dates

Our Presenters

Frank Seninsky

Frank Seninsky

Alpha-Omega Group

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams


Jerry Merola

Jerry Merola

Amusement Entertainment Management

Frank W. Price

Frank W. Price

FL Price

Peter Olesen

Peter Olesen

Entertainment Concept, Inc.

Douglas W. Wilkerson

Douglas W. Wilkerson

Principal/Creative Director


Core Topics

Market Assessment

Selecting the right market for the business. Why is a market study so important in getting the process off the ground?


What should the facility contain and how should it be laid out? How do I choose and architect and designer? How do I choose a mechanical engineer?


How do I go about evaluating the various manufacturers?  What should I look for in selecting a vendor?


How shall I hire the staff? What level of training is required? How do I prepare an Operations Manual?


How should the day-to-day operation be coordinated? What are the various roles of management? Who's responsible for what?

Financial Assessment

What can I reasonably afford? How can I finance it? How much capital must I contribute.


How much will it cost to a) refurb an existing building, b) build a new building

Amusement Gaming

How important is the games process to the overall performance of the business? How should games be operated?

Food Service

What type of food service should I have? How should the kitchen be designed? What size should it be? What code requirements must I meet to pass City code?

Performance Monitoring

How should I determine whether the business is performing well? What are the key metrics? What should I do if I'm under-performing?

Physical Structure

Do I lease, buy, or build? How much space do I need and what type of infrastructure does the building require?

Contractor Selection

How should I go about the process of selecting a contractor and evaluating contractor bids?

IT Integration

What types of systems will this business require to control food service, attractions, employees, accounting?


How do I market the business? What types are marketing collateral are effective? How should the inside and outside sales departments work?



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